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Monospaced Fonts

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Time for a new face?

When writing code it is usually a good thing to use a mono spaced font since the text often benefits from alignment based on character and white space counts. I recently did a short review of a bunch of fonts that seems to be generally liked amongst programmers. Below are some screenshots I made to support the decision making during the final selection.

WARNING: If your browser window is too narrow the following screenshots might be scaled and misrepresenting the fonts.

Update 2012-04-27: I have gone back to Consolas after a feew weeks with Inconsolata I’ve gone back to Consolas.

Consolas 10pt

Consolas is a mighty beautiful font. I still regard it as the most almost perfect awesome programmers font with the exception of not having an open font license.

Consolas was my main programming font from 2007 until very recent.

Consolas light

Consolas dark

Inconsolata 10.8pt

Inconsolata is quite similar to Consolas which the author also states as an inspirational source. Compared to Consolas it’s wider and has thinner lines.

Inconsolata is my current main programming font. The version I use is from the Google font directory.

Inconsolata light

Inconsolata dark

Meslo LG S 10pt

Meslo LG is a customized version of Apple’s Menlo font which in turn is a customized Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.

Meslo light

Meslo dark

Anonymous Pro 13px

Anonymous pro is another nice font, especially it’s bitmap versions.

Anonymous Pro light

Anonymous Pro dark

Terminus 12px

Terminus is a monospaced bitmap font and it’s very readable in small sizes. I have used it as my main terminal emulator font for ages. I don’t use it so much for programming because characters like () {} looks a tad too similar for fast reading.

Terminus light

Termonus dark